Letter from Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco

April 5, 1968


312 N. Alpine Drive
Beverly Hills, Calif.

Oct. 22, 1941

My dear Gregor,

As perhaps I told you (in the
short time we met here) my actual
“job” is to write for M.G.M. two pieces
every week, even I have not to write
for pictures!.. So, on the eve of Yom
Kippur (to be in the right mood!) I
wrote this piece for cello and piano
(which I called “Kol Nidre,” but the
title can be changed in “Meditation”
or anything else) which I am sending
you. I don’t know if it is worth to
be played (probably not: it is “M.G.M.
music..” anyhow I thought you
might be amused in seeing it. Of
course I am planning something
better for you..: when I will have
time… I just finished (for the


Centenary of the New York Philhar
monic) an Overture to Shakespeare’s
“King John” (a good piece of music, I
believe). Which Barbirolli is going to
conduct on March 21st and 22nd (the
2nd performance will be broadcasted,
and maybe you will be able to hear
it..) And there are all the news
for the moment.

How are you? And Jacquline and
the children? Best wishes to all of
yours from all of us. Ich [German]
sich herzlich.


Will you come this winter to Los
Angeles to play? I hope so, and
I also hope we can spend some time