Letter from Gregor Piatigorsky to his wife Jacqueline

December 5, 1944


Brown Hotel
Broadway at Fourth Ave.
Louisville 2, Kentucky
[continued from the back of letter written on top of front page, upside down]
Berkowitz just told me about Guy’s arrival!!! Did you see him? I will call you in few hours. – Kisses

Dec. 5, 1944.

[My adorable Jacquelina]

I did not write to you since Chicago.
No wonder – because I did not have
time! Friday after the concert in Chicago
was a big reception for me – then I
rushed to the train – arriving in Oklahoma City
at 7 pm – instead of 5 p.m. At 8 pm I had
orchestra rehearsal (Don Quixote and Haydn)
till 10:30 pm.! Next morning rehearsal
again from 10 to 12:30 – and concert at 3 pm.!!
After the concert reception again.. and
then train again. In Memphis I missed my
train and there was no room to be had
so I walked whole day in waiting – but
there was a film you asced me to see –
with Walter Pidgeon and Garson! I liked
it very much!! Last night I slept in
upper again!.. It is awful because
there is no room for me and my cello!
So after two nights in uppers and a day
in Memphis I arrived here this morning
at 7 a.m. and was waiting in
the hotel for room till 10!!


But there was a “entertainment” for
me.. photographers – President of the Concert
Society and two more people – charming!
Now I am in my room waiting for Berkowitz.
We will be obliged to be in the same room – as there is no chance for him to
have separate room. Charming! The whole
life of a musician is just charming!!

Thank you for sending me photo proofs!
Few of the photos I find very good and
I am happy to have them, but I do not
like those with me. There is one of Joroshka
simple adorable!! Also Jephta is sweet!

Dr. Cattle gave me a book to read – which
is fascinating! “Love Against Hate”
by Karl Menniger. I know you have
no time for reading – but this book must
be the first you read after you have time!!
It is remarkable Psychoanalytic – Psychiatric
work! – How are you my darling?
How are children? I do hope so much
that you all are well!

I am terribly sorry that you feel
so unpraipered for your examens in
Germany!! But you will do it!!
You will pass them – and if not all –
so few anyhow!

I love you and I kiss
you tenderly. [Your Grisha]

P.S. I received very nice letter from Owa LedererĂ­s parents in Chicago.