Letter from Gregor Piatigorsky to his wife Jacqueline

July 22, 1942


Moraine on the Lake
801 North Sheridan Road
Highland Park, ILL.
Highland Park 4444

[continued from the back of letter written on top of front page, upside down]
I just received your letter thank you! Please be not sad.
I kiss and love you tenderly.
July 22. 1942.

[My adorable Jacquelina]
The concert last night touched me
very much and the Adagio by Boccherini
which I played in memoriam of Feuermann
made me feel the tragedy of his death
anew. Ormandy conducted wonderfully.
He and his wife Steffy are very
nice to me and we are all the
time together. Szigeti was at the concert
also other musicians which you don’t
know. Seidenbergs as well as Dr.
Cattle were not at the concert.
Now I am going to work with Szigeti
and tomorrow I will have lunch with
Dr. Stock in Chicago. But it is not very
convenient for me as Chicago is about
35 miles from here.

It is very beautiful here especially
the view from my window on


the lake Michigan. I see many people
and work but it so lonesome
without you my darling! The life
seems empty with all the concerts in
the world! It is all like a frame
without a picture. Did you read what
Shostakowitch wife said about her
husband?! I was thinking of us.

I received today a very nice letter
from your mother thanking me
for my letter. They are very
happy in “Windy Cliff” and I
so pleased with it!

Darling, I hope you will
be able to work and take
musically profit out of Lenox!
If only children will be easier
to handle!… I feel very
well only I wish I would
sleep as well as I do at home!

Many tender kisses to you
and children. I love you
my angel – with all my heart –
and I kiss you all over! Be
good. I will be soon home.

[Your Grisha]