Letter from Jacqueline Du Pré

June 5, 1975


Room 321,
Rockefeller Un. Hospital,
1230 York Ave.,
N.Y. 10021, N.Y.

Dearest Grisha,

I cannot tell you what joy
your message of love to Danny
and myself gave us yesterday,
(through Adele Siegal).

It is not just ourselves, but all
our friends as well, who have been wishing
you so much love and good things
during this difficult time. Your
message was like gold, and for
me, since I could never forget how


much, and, how lovingly you helped
and encouraged me it was one of
the best and happiest communications
I have heard, and wanted to hear for

Thank you with all our hearts
for sending that message – I wish
I could speak to you but there is no phone here, just a public call
box and all my calls are therefore

We send you and Jacqueline
so much love, many hugs and
every happy wish in the world.

Yours lovingly,