Letter from Roy Harris


Dear Friend:

Your letter was such
a relief. You must know how
many people have been enriched
by the Beauty which you have
brought from your cello – and
now you are just at the age
of Maturity when the most rich
and ripe Truth of Music must
be sung from your heart, and
and skillful fingers and
brain, well schooled by large
and varied experience. And if
this be true of so many people
imagine how it must be
multiplied a thousand times in
the heart and mind of one who


is a composer and who is
dreaming his greatest work for
the beauty of that tone – and
the mastery of that skill –
for the greatest of all human stories: – the Tragedy
of Idealism and Faith in
Humanity – and also the noble
necessity for us all of Idealism
and Hope and Great Expectations.

So, my friend, now you know
of my relief.

Yes I will manage to
come to New York on a weekend
in mid April. More about this later –

Affectionate Greetings –
Roy Harris